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Biggest Wedding REGRETS!

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Recently I polled a few of my married friends to find out what their biggest regrets were about the planning and execution of their wedding.

bride and groom embrace at their maine wedding at coolidge family farm in new gloucester

Not Hiring the Photographer they wanted to/should have!

So many people are disappointed in their wedding day images because they had a friend with a camera in charge of the photos, or the pro they hired didn’t have the same style or professionalism that they thought they were getting.

Traci Van Horn said, ” You’re going to need to sit down for this one. Verify that the “professional photographer” that is included with your package deal is not also the minister. Seriously. Laurie Crommett Morrill: “Not hiring a photographer and relying on a family friend to take pictures… her camera’s shutter only opened half way so all my pics were either Andy without me or me without Andy… headless people or bottomless people… thank goodness for the disposable cameras some friends had or I’d have no good pics at all.” Kristina Napolitano Boissonneault: Contracting with a very expensive photographer who sent his inexperienced son-in-law in his place. (No wedding album to this day.)

bride and groom at their november wedding in maine

Not Hiring a Planner!

There is a LOT to coordinate with any size wedding (except those intimate courthouse nuptials.) Many people said they wished they’d hired a wedding planner, even just for the day of to coordinate and make sure everything ran smoothly so they could ENJOY the day. Little things like…

Steven Eastman mentioned, “Don’t forget to put your wine or whatever you toast with on ice. Hot wine in July sucks to toast with!”

Planning out the timeline of the day so it makes sense for what YOU want. Eating is important!

Nicki Hannigan Jefferies: I wish I would have had a receiving line after the ceremony. I decided not to (to save time for photos) and instead go around at the reception and say our “hellos” and “thanks for comings”… Hardly ate anything, and didn’t get much time to dance.

happy bride and groom at st brendan's chapel in bidderford maine

Not hiring a Videographer!

So many people realized this priceless service when it was too late. As a photographer I can capture tangible photos of the day but I have no way of capturing people’s voices, speeches, jokes, and movements. Those elements are important memories, too!

Suze Stevens: “Wish I had someone record it! At planning time I thought one less thing to book, but wish we had!“

wedding ceremony at migis lodge in casco maine

Too much DIY!

The trade off for keeping the decor and planning cost down is that the stress, execution, and details fall on your shoulders. On a day where you are supposed to be marrying your best friend the stress can be too much!

Stephanie Tomassetti said, “Not giving myself enough time on the day of. I DIY’d a lot of my own stuff and spent half the day decorating/setting up when all I wanted to do was relax with my bridesmaids.”

bride and bridesmaids on the way to the ceremony in portland maine

Getting a dress you can sit in!

So many brides are thrilled to find the dress of their dreams, and look absolutely beautiful only to find that after they’ve spent thousands of dollars they can’t breathe or move in their dress they day of their wedding.

Becky, “I did not try sitting in my dress before the big day, it was too tight and wound up throwing up at the end of my reception.”

I have contacts with many wonderful Maine and New England wedding vendors including florists, bakers, planners, and DJs!! Let us take the stress off your wedding day so you can ENJOY it like you’re dreaming of!

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