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Your Experience with Chantal

A personalized step by step experience that guides you through your wedding process with Chantal.


Let's dig deep in to your plans!

Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and we'll get to know each other better!

Your memories aren't meant to last in the digital world. Imagine yourself 10, 20, 50 years from now pouring over beautiful photos of your wedding day with your kids or grandkids! You'll remember how you felt on that day, the sunshine on your shoulders, the way your family smiled and squeezed you tight, and maybe even Uncle Jack doing the macarena!
I only offer the absolute best products that I can possibly get my hands on!

Your photography experience includes a reveal session where you get the digital images ... 


Drumroll, please...

After your photo shoot I will email you to schedule your reveal session to take place as soon as one to two weeks later. This is the most exciting part of the whole experience, finally see your retouched images!


1. First thing is, I do not rush you! We invite you to maybe grab a glass of wine, possibly some coffee or tea and/or yummy snacks made for you while we watch a your slideshow of your edited images, in our office in Saco, Maine. We will have some laughs, smiles, tears, and commentary are all welcomed.


2. After we've seen all the images, we go through them individually and start narrowing down to your top favorites.


3. We show you all our custom samples of the products (canvases, albums, keepsakes, etc). It's always nice to touch and look at my work.

5. Finally, we wrap up all your choices and you've paid for your product. My second job begins to create and order your final designs. Once you approve them your final order is sent to our professional lab and up to 31 business days (all depending on your order albums at 31 business days but print at about 14 business days), your gorgeous custom artwork will arrive. Finally, we inspect your order to make sure you get the best quality and even deliver to your home, if you're local, of course.
Now you have the most priceless art work your family could ever buy... your cherished ones to enjoy on a daily basis!!

Call me for help or questions on booking YOUR session!

Ph: 207.837.9839