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Why Your Grandparents are the Most Important Guests at Your Wedding

(And how to include them in photos!)

Part of the reason I'm os passionate about your wedding photos documenting your legacy is because the last good photos of my grandmother before she passed away from cancer are from my wedding day.

Bride and her grandmother on her wedding day

I know people often say, "You'll never go back and look at your wedding photos!" But at least for me, it's not true. I was very close with my grandmother and seeing her again in images brings me joy. Since I've been to (quite) a few weddings I've seen some really sweet ways others have incorporated their grandparents in their wedding celebrations.

Bride and her mom on her wedding day

Here are my top 3 ways to include your grandparents in your wedding photographs.

Flower Grandmas

I haven't seen this done often, but at this wedding they didn't just have Flower Girls, they had their Grandmas walk down the aisle before Nicole in the ceremony. It was an honor for the Grans and everyone on both sides of the aisle appreciated their role in the wedding!

Bride with Grandmothers on her wedding day
Flower Grandmas!


Generations Dance

Probably the second most common way I see grandparents being honored at weddings is by a special dance for couples at the reception. Typically the DJ or MC will ask that all married couples, including the newlyweds, should get on the dance floor for a slow song. Every so often during the song the MC will announce that couples married less than a day, a year, 5 years, and so on until they have the last couple on the dance floor (which, 9 times out of 10 is grandparents or great grandparents) and from that sweet slow song moment they will offer some words of advice. It's especially cute if the grandparents don't suspect it and the advice is often funny or heartfelt.

Bride and her grandfather dancing at her wedding
Bride's Special Dance with Grandpa


Formal Photos The easiest and most popular way to include grandparents in your wedding photos is to simply include them in the list of photos you ask of your wedding photographer. When I work for you I will ask for a list of names of important people to get in photos so we can spend a few minutes to get them in a posed, formal type of photo. Aside from a group shot of all the family you can request a photo of just you and your grandparents and it's a really special moment for everyone.

Bride and groom holding umbrella with grandparents on their wedding day
Bride and groom with grandparents on their wedding day

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