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What To Look for in a Wedding Photographer

I've had several client meetings in the past month or so and there seems to be a recurring theme for 2019. I'm super happy about it too, because it means you all are actually hearing what photographers have been saying for years. We've been trying to tell you that it's as much about the photos you receive as it is how you feel working with the photographer. A really good photographer can connect with you on a level that makes you feel comfortable.

chantal paradis of paradis photography


I want that for you. I want that for all my clients.


When you feel uncomfortable with me, especially in front of my camera it makes me uncomfortable! Not only does it make my job harder, but I know there's a chance you won't love your images even if it's my best work! So, when I offer to drive an hour out of my way to meet you, insist on that engagement session, video chat, or even chat on the phone it's because there's a level of communication that needs to happen if our relationship is going to work. That's super deep, I know, but it's how I roll.


maine engagement session by paradis photography

Hit that comment box or the chat box and let me know what you think on this subject. Do you think vibe is just as important as the work a photographer does with the camera?

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