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What I Love About Saco, Maine

Let me take you on a little journey. I was born and raised in south western Maine. It's where my family is and where I call home.

Beach rose I loved in Biddeford Pool!

As a teenager I knew that I had to leave. I wasn't the only one though. Many of Maine's youth leave the state after high school. Maine is a great place to raise kids (we'll come back to this later!) but as a young person wanting to stretch their wings and experience worldly things, I had to leave Maine.

Austin TX's Skyline in 2012

I was basically like Goldilocks once I got to the south: Florida was too small, Texas was too big. So back to Maine I went. After I had my first kid in Austin, I knew we needed to get back to our roots. Texas bugs, weather (don't get me wrong, I miss the heat and the people!), and high population density was just too much as a new mom. This time I got to choose where in Maine I wanted to live so I chose Saco. Y'all, if you love Maine this is the best place to call home.

So let me tell you what I've discovered about this community of Saco-Biddeford. First of all, the interstate goes right through these towns. So hopping on 95 to cruise down to Boston or up to Bangor is no trouble at all. Living in Austin and Ocala, that was one major thing that I knew I wanted in my next hometown-- accessibility. One perk I've recently discovered is the Amtrak! I took the train to Boston to see Justin Timberlake at TD Garden and it was so awesome to not have to worry about tolls, gas, or parking!

Speaking of community, we have the friendliest neighbors. Literal strangers at first, but now I consider them lovely friends. I mean, who else shows up with a tractor when your snowblower is failing in January because the snow is so wet and heavy? Good Maine people. I know that I can send my kids to the neighbor's house to play and they will be safe and taken care of just like I would. We also found an awesome community in Dance House Productions. All 3 of my kids are in the program and we've found wonderful friends and community there, too! The recital is held every spring at the City Theater in Biddeford.

When it comes to places to eat, Saco and Biddeford are just blooming with flavor and a great mix of chain and locally owned restaurants. From Krispy Kreme to Saco Island Deli. From IHOP to Koi. I'd love to see more gluten free options, but I am confident they are coming!

Some of my favorite personal photos from around Saco-Biddeford!

Thank you for checking out the sights and sounds of my home!

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