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Tips for a Destination Wedding

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

As a photographer in Vacationland (AKA Maine) I see a lot of destination weddings! Here I’ll share some tips to help you make planning your wedding day easier.

Groom dancing and dipping his bride in a field

Plan Ahead.

When it comes to planning a destination wedding, the early bird really does get the best block of ocean-view rooms. Most resorts or hotels allow you to reserve blocks of rooms at a discounted rate for guests, so be sure to request plenty, and keep tabs on how fast they’re filling up.

Outside view of The Beachmere Inn in Ogunquit, Maine

Combine to Save

The beauty of a destination wedding in Maine is that it’s the perfect place for a romantic get-away (honeymoon!) no matter the time of year. In summer there is so much to do- hiking, boating, eating, and the beaches. Fall and winter are so beautiful and you can really cozy up to your love in front of a fire! If your family and friends are vacation-starved, you can turn your destination wedding into a cash-saver for them, too. Many couples choose to keep the party going long after the ceremony is over, turning a day of celebration into a week-long reunion of sorts. After all, they’re paying to fly in for the wedding, why not stay and enjoy the local scenery? Enjoy all that Maine has to offer!

Bride and Groom standing under and umbrella in the rain at night on a path in the grass


Even though Maine is lucky enough to have 4 seasons (5 depending on which local you ask!) there is value in researching temperatures and daylight hours! Choose the one when you fell in love! A back up plan for rain, snow, or heat is advised!

Reputable Vendors

It’s always a gamble to put a down payment on services not yet rendered, but since most vendors require substantial deposits to secure their talents, there’s not much choice in the matter. Avoid scam artists or less than stellar workmanship by thoroughly researching musicians, florists, caterers, photographers, DJs and the like before cutting a check. Trustworthy vendors will happily supply a legitimate, diverse list of satisfied clients.  Ideally, the bride or groom will be able to visit the wedding site ahead of time to meet with vendors in person. If this isn’t feasible for financial or other reasons, the wedding venue coordinator or a destination wedding consultant should be able to deliver a list of qualified vendors.

Bride and groom holding hands during ceremony with officiant's hand on theirs

As always, if you need any help in your venture to plan a Maine wedding, I would be happy to assist in any way I can as your wedding photographer!

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