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New Year, New Me: 2019 Goals

We all find ourselves looking at a new year as a new start, right? Maybe you're starting to plan your wedding day, starting a new diet to shed some pounds, or starting a new personal or professional goal.

For me, I am aiming to do all 3! 2019 is my 5th year as a wedding photographer and I have learned so much in that time. I know there is still so much to learn and experience and I am so excited for it! I decided to share with you all to keep me accountable, but also to give you a little glimpse of my mindset this coming year; so, January, here are my top 3 Goals of 2019.

1- Weddings- This being my 5th year I know more about who my ideal client is and how I can help them. From back yard weddings to elegant gala events at Maine's premier venue I know I can photograph it all. This year I want to focus on couples that are bold, edgy, and love to have fun. I am planning my first ever styled wedding shoot and could not be more excited about this project. The couple we have lined up have big beautiful smiles, a palpable connection, and are so much fun! I can't wait to show you what comes of it!

2- Lose a little - Weight that is. I guess 5 years of wedding cake is catching up with me. I'd love to go on more adventurous engagement sessions and getting in better shape will help me do that!

3- Learn something new - I've gotten better with using flash in my work, using fun elements like smoke bombs, light painting, reflections and prisms but I want to find something fun for 2019. I have been looking at so many double and triple exposure images that it is definitely something that has caught my eye. So if you work with me, be prepared to play a little with double exposures!

What about you, friend, what are your goals for 2019?


Chantal Paradis is a Maine Wedding Photographer based in Saco, but willing to travel worldwide to capture love and light.

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