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Just Got Engaged? 6 Things To Do First

Nothing. After that electric moment of adrenaline-fueled, dopey love-drunkness you feel after your partner says “Will you? and you say “Yes”? That moment is one you can never reproduce. Soak up that moment as long as you can, just the two of you.

Announce to Family and Friends. I know you want to post that ring on Facebook and shout about your new status from the social media rooftops but just take a deep breath. There's a certain order to doing this. As soon as you're ready to tell everyone, family comes first. Next comes the people you'd want in your wedding party. Then you can plaster that beautiful ring all over the interwebs! Oh, and, once it’s posted, get ready for hella likes.

Think about the timing. Once you've announced that you're engaged the very next thing out of everyone's mouth is "Have you set a date?" Just know that there is no rule that you must choose your date moments after the ring is on your finger so take some time to think about what time of year you'd prefer and what the day will look like. In all honesty, you can choose a date whenever you damn well please—whether it’s a year or six years after the ring lands on your finger. Still, you and your partner should at least chat about timelines shortly after becoming engaged, so you’re both on the same page, and so, if you’re on a typical timeline (i.e., having your wedding 12 to 18 months after the proposal) you can get the show on the road. Even if you just agree on “Let’s say two summers from now,” or even, “I want a New Year’s Eve wedding!”) and work from there it's the basic start to planning a wedding.

Set a date. And start booking! The best professionals book over a year in advance and some days are more popular than others. Just remember there’s no wedding timeline out there that says you have to do it all in under a year. If you want to be engaged for three years, go for it! You shouldn’t start this step until you’re ready to devote the time, money and effort it takes to plan the wedding of your dreams.

Find your wedding photographer. Take engagement photos. Don’t think you want to do an e-shoot? Feel free to skip this step, but keep in mind two things. Number one: choosing your photographer early is smart because the best ones are worth every penny, and their most popular months book up over a year in advance, usually, and number two: Engagement photos are an excellent time to practice hamming it up in front of a professional photographer before you have to do it for reals on your big day! Even if you’re not the type to spam your social feeds with your smoochy engagement pics, they can make great gifts, images for Save the Dates, and even decor for your wedding!

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