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Updated: Feb 8, 2019

back yard wedding portland maine wedding

Have you contemplated the idea of having your wedding in a backyard? If so, this post is for you!

You can invite your furry friends

Kids smiling and a man with a dog sitting in his lap and a woman petting the dog's head

No deposits, no breed restrictions. If you want Fido to be your ring bearer you can totally do that! Just keep in mind someone will have to tend to and clean up after them should there be any #2s!

You will save money

Having your wedding in a back yard means you'll likely need to rent things for the event. But the good news is even these costs are less than most wedding venues.

You can choose any date

You might not have thought about this, but when you're the only bride at the venue you have your choice of any date! So, if you want that prime Saturday in June and only 6 months to plan, you can totally do it!

You can keep the guest list small

Because a backyard wedding tends to be more intimate than a wedding at a traditional venue, this is the perfect reason to keep your guest list small. Unless you’re getting married in the backyard of a multi-acre mansion or a giant farm field, there simply won’t be enough space to accommodate a large guest list.

The sentimental factor

I love the idea of saying "I do" in a field you used to play in as a kid, on family property, or even the lawn of the house you two just bought. This reason is totally priceless!

Just married bride and groom happily walking down the aisle at back yard wedding in maine



Food prep, sound, lighting, and other aspects require a certain amount of power that may not be easily accessed in a back yard. Check with your caterer to find out what equipment they’ll be using and DJ to find out how much power their setup needs, then ask your wedding planner and the generator rental company for help in choosing the power sources that will fit your needs.

Lit wedding tent in the night full of people


For a guest list greater than say, 20 people you're going to want to provide additional toilet facilities. There are so many options for upscale portable toilet trailers that provide a comfortable experience, including lighting, mirrors, sinks, and — most importantly — more space than traditional port-o-potties! Putting out a nice "emergency" kit with mints, hand sanitizer, band-aids, kleenex, and other toiletries will help guests feel at ease. Plus, this will save a lot of headaches on the day-of because you won’t have everyone walking through the house and you won’t have to fix an over-used bathroom system.

maine backyard Wedding ceremony in a field

Yard Maintenance & Setup

You might consider hiring a landscaper to take care of all the design and maintenance so it’s one less thing on your to-do list. At the very least, you need to cut the grass a few days before the wedding. One thing you absolutely can’t forget to check is that the ground is level enough for chairs, tables, and a dance floor. If you’re renting a tent, their professional team will be able to check and let you know if they need to lay a foundation so the dance floor is level.

Adirondack chairs in a backyard wedding reception