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A Message For The Bridal Party

So, you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid or groomsman. Sounds like a good time!

It actually should feel like quite an honor that your friends have asked you to stand by their side on their wedding day. It’s so much more than that though. Wedding planning is tough and you should be there to help them with all parts of that. A good friend has each others backs and if that means you’re the one to remember to call the florist and make an appointment because the bride is up to her neck in centerpiece choices, that’s what you do.

Now, the wedding day gets here. You’ve bought your dress or rented a suit and got your hair done. Please make sure the couple have what they need that day. Unless you’ve been married before you don’t know what a whirlwind event this is for them. Chances are they won’t even have time or the stomach to even eat before the ceremony so their head won’t be on right!

If you can, try to touch base with any vendors for the day to make sure they have what they need for the day to run as smooth as possible. As a photographer I usually just ask that the room where you’re getting ready is as tidy as possible and that the details- rings, flowers, gifts, jewelry, etc are all in one place so I can get through those photos as quick as possible and not bother the bride as she’s getting ready.

The role of supporting the bride and groom is an important one and and quite a responsibility! Paradis Photography will do what we can to help you on your wedding day!


Chantal Paradis is a Maine based wedding photographer offering wedding, engagement, and event photography in New England and the US.

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