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7 Questions You'll be Asked After the Wedding

1. Do you feel any different now? If there's one default post-wedding question, it's definitely this one; you know you're guilty of using it too! Either people aren't sure what to ask, they don't want to bring up kids or they're genuinely curious that some grand inner transformation occurs once you become betrothed.

2. So, how's married life? Uh, the same as engaged life except now we have a different title. Oh, and it's a lot less stressful too since there aren't things like flowers, guests and your photographer budget to fight over.

3. Have you talked about kids yet? Basically a polite way of saying, "So when are you popping out some babies?

4. Where are you going on the honeymoon? Unless pictures of you sipping a cocktail poolside pop up on Facebook, people will assume you've postponed the honeymoon and pester you for details. This may be because they contributed to your honeymoon fund and you failed to disclose where you were actually vacationing. So okay, yeah, fair question.

5. How was the honeymoon? Followed up by the inevitable, "OMG, your Instagram photos looked so beautiful. Jealous!" On this one, bragging rights granted for sure.

6. Have you gotten your photos back yet? Because if so, your friends would really like to stalk them, and more importantly, browse through to see if there are any awesome shots of them. Hey, it's not often you've got a professional photographer capturing candids. Plus, there could be a potential new profile pic hiding in there!

7. Are you changing your name? Social media can be so deceiving. Sometimes brides change it online right away, and other times they don't, leaving people to wonder, are you married or aren't you? We suppose it's a valid question, but then again, it's 2019 so who cares if you're taking your partner's last name or not?

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