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3 Ways to Ensure Your Personal Branding Photo Shoot Doesn’t Feel Like Agony

As an entrepreneur I totally understand the struggle of trying to be present in the marketing materials I put out. I want my clients to be able to recognize my face when they see me out and about and also online. As a photographer I have many photographer friends, but we never seem to get around to taking meaningful photos of each other at work! I want to change that! So, that being said, here are my top 3 ways to rock your personal branding photo shoot!

The first way is to PLAN. I will personally sit down and plan out what locations we should be photographing in, the time of day, the season, and even right down to what to wear and the nitty gritty details of color psychology! (Yes, I'm a bit of a dork and the psychology of color totally interests me!) My second tip is to incorporate props. Now, I call them props but they should be items that are meaningful to your business. These days I feel like a laptop or computer is essential but probably your phone, a note pad, and even tools you may use like scissors for a florist, a camera for a photographer, and make up brushes for a hair and make-up artist.

And my final tip is to HAVE FUN! We'll be spending a couple hours together, chatting about your goals for your business, how you intend to use the images, and exploring a part of your town and your workspace. We want your passion and joy to just beam from these photos to show your clients just how happy you are to do your life's work!

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